THAILAND Travel Guide- Bangkok Bangkok trip Budget
Some important questions of people how much money to take to thailand for 10 days Thailand trip cost in indian rupees Thailand tour package 3days 2 night 7 days thailand tour package Thailand trip cost from india? Thailand packages for couple Cheap Thailand packages Hey, you guys, Aditya and I are in Thailand and we …

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Some important questions of people

how much money to take to thailand for 10 days

Thailand trip cost in indian rupees

Thailand tour package 3days 2 night

7 days thailand tour package

Thailand trip cost from india?

Thailand packages for couple

Cheap Thailand packages

Hey, you guys, Aditya and I are in Thailand and we are in the capital city of Bangkok. This place is huge has a population of about eight million people. So there are a lot of buildings. There's so much to see. And there there's so much great food and some interesting culture and history to experience. And today we're going to get stuck into that and find out just what there is to see.

Do an eight around Bangkok.


This is Chinatown in Bangkok, founded in seventy eighty-two, it is one of the largest in the world. It is a sprawling mecca of food, herbal remedies, Chinese medicines, juice, all kinds of things. There are all kinds of stuff to buy temples everywhere. It is a feast for the senses. I have seen so much good street food here already. It is not even funny is what was coming down our road. Do you want to start there?

That is the heart. The hub from there. Just branch out. We'll get into some of those hidden alleys because you never know what you'll find. The theory here is that you purchased these and then you burn them, and that sends them to your ancestors. So some things that you can send if you're missing some gambling in the afterlife can send that. What about the latest technology or maybe just a fedora, maybe even though Gucci slides back here?

It's unbelievable what you can say in the afterlife.

Dragon Temple

This is what men climb. Now, what is the temple? American is Dragon. So this is the Dragon Temple. It is the oldest temple in Chinatown and it is the most revered Buddhist Chinese temple in Bangkok. It's really beautiful there. Monks are chanting and it's just a cool thing to come and see. That said, make sure you don't come during Chinese New Year because it is packed with thousands and thousands of people. We're on board Sim Bangkok's public bus service now, they offer one, two and three-day passes and they have four different rounds, which we'll take you to different places depending on what you want to do, which is cool because you want to start doing the same day in and day out.

Buddist temple

Now, what I love about this is it is fully air-conditioned. You guys are so hot out on the streets of Bangkok, this is the way to get around. You can see everything. There are audio guides that give you more information as you go around. And what I love about how my public life experiences, it's great figuring out what you want to see and do and coming back to do those things in more detail later. And you can just skip the things that don't take you.

So jump off at one of the stops along the Hong Kong Harbor bus tour. This is tough for a top rocket and it isn't a cow and a road. So here this a fantastic little museum, the little art gallery that was just on a quick lap and it's free to visit. You just have to register, sign the letter when you walk in and outside. Here is Cafe Amazon. This is cool, usurped by baristas. So there are some hand signals that you can use to communicate with sign language.

Also, we picked up seasonal snacks earlier and this is all this is coconut milk. Now, maybe some rice or something in it to solidify it. So these are easy to pick up, you guys. You can just get these from street food vendors. Don't be afraid to dig in and give things a try. And I love that caramel brown sugar with the coconut in the middle was sensational. It's good. All the other ones not okay.

Shattered glass everywhere. So one of the things I struggle with a lot when I travel is how to get to a destination. Quite often you're walking around and you see things like, that's nice. How do you get into it? The guys to hop on a bus are partnering with people in the communities. Now, there is an organization called Bundling Food, and what they're doing is reaching out to people like these guys who are local artisans. And they are taking that history and they like to stick to dish out connecting with it.

They run guided tours, which are totally for you guys. They are by donations are at the end. Of course, you know, you would donate what you thought the tool was worth. It's keeping local arts and tradition and culture and giving travelers like you and me the chance to really, really, really get in there and connect with the destinations, not just scratching the surface. You are getting in there. He's got into, too, which is fantastic.

So this is kind of you have to try this if you come to this area. So. Delicious, very sweet. Now, we were just at a mosque, the leader of the mosque was saying to us, but the Muslim community worked side by side with the Chinese community. They help out. So the Muslim you help out at the Chinese temples, the Chinese Buddhist community helps out of the Muslim. That is just beautiful. Everybody here works in harmony, there are a certain peace and respect.

Thailand beech

It's like a. They're working together for the betterment of each community, and I just love that it's so nice to connect with them because this is we are grabbing afternoon tea here, a gingerbread house. They do beautiful white tie suites with chickens and puppies. We've come to some lime Sardis and Mascoma for a lemon soda that looks so refreshing. And here we've got a beautiful, sweet. OK, because we got the heat in Bangkok is no joke, so when you are packing, I recommend packing an umbrella because it's the only thing that offers some cool and shade from the intense heat.

I also usually carry a fan with me like I am a paper fan, and that's another way I can keep cool. You need to drink a lot of water and you need to make sure you're dressing appropriately. So that is light, breathable garments. Cotton is your friend. Anything like breathable? Planning everything from visiting some temples. You need to have some temple appropriate clothing to show this covid needs covid in that situation. A scarf and a long skirt will do just fine.

But you guys do not underestimate this. He drinks plenty of water. Your. So we are staying here at Shanghai Mansion, located in the heart of Bangkok's famous Chinatown district. Now, this place has a 1930s Shanghai aesthetic to it, but it began life in 1892 as a trading house. It was later transformed into Bangkok's first-ever Chinese opera theater, which was frequented by members of the Thai royal family. Now, after undergoing a few different places online, it is Shanghai mansion and this beautiful hotel.

I have never stayed anywhere with quite this decor before. It's awesome the hop on hop off bus that we would be getting around on today. One of the stops is located right outside. We have breakfast this morning. It was fantastic. So we flew from Australia to Bangkok with Thai Airways, you guys, and we were lucky enough to be upgraded to business class as we were working with the airline. And it was just a great experience. So much legroom, lots of food on offer, and some great movies to choose from.

Now, when you arrive in Bangkok, you are going to want to have a plan in place for how you're going to get from the airport to your hotel. There are a few different ways to do it. You can organize a taxi, make sure that it's metered. There are trains as well, I have to say above and beyond. My favorite way to do it is a private transfer. Now, look, man, I am by no means the richest people on Earth, but private transfer just takes all the guesswork out of it.

I've organized them myself before. You just book online, choose a company that you like the look of, prepay at the drivers. They're waiting for you and takes you right to the hotel. No muss, no fuss. Alternatively, some hotels may have a shuttle service from the airport to your hotel. If you were tossing up between two different hotels and one of them offers that shuttle service, I hand down recommend going with them.

We're on one of Bangkok's Michelin star restaurants in the world of delicious, authentic Thai food. See, we're going to go in here right now and have dinner and see if it is worthwhile. Only in Thailand could you go to a fancy restaurant and have the first course being a shot of. The first few courses have been amazing, the flavors are so big and everything is just delicate and delicious, not too filling, but now it's time for Maine and they have so much food over this table, the smells, you guys, it's spicy, it's coconut.

It is creamy. It is everything. This. This is a good dining experience. This is amazing. So that brings our first day here in Bangkok to an end. I've been here about four or five times now. I've never had a day like this. I never felt like I've gotten to know Bangkok before. But today, everything was amazing. I felt like we connected with the people. We saw the real heart of the city. And we have tried so much good food, you guys.

I am exhausted. I am so, so tired right now. So we're going to head in and get a good night's sleep and then do it all again tomorrow. Good morning, you guys. It is a second day here in beautiful Bangkok and we have to start the day with a bang on a massive.

One must see we are here at the central embassy, which is a high-end shopping mall here in Bangkok, and we're about to go into dialogue with some frequency guys. I am ready to get my show on. Yes, that will.

Thailand tourist map

Thailand map

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